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Savings Accounts

TLCU Financial offers a variety of Saving Options!

Regular Savings

A $5.00 minimum deposit opens a Regular Savings Account. In order to maintain your membership the balance cannot fall below $5. Once you become a member, you will always be a member. Dividends are paid monthly on your average daily balance. Members are allowed five withdrawals in a month and after that there is a $ 3.00 excessive withdrawal fee. Opening a Regular Savings account makes you eligible for other credit union services!!

Christmas Club

Find yourself needing extra money at Christmas Time? Christmas Club Accounts are available to help.

Christmas Club Accounts are transferred to your Draft (checking) account or Regular savings on November 1st of each year. Dividends are paid monthly on the average daily balance.

Special Savings

A convenient way to keep saving for something special separate from a regular savings account.

This savings account has no minimum balance required and there are no service fees. It is a separate savings account under your regular share account number. Dividends are paid monthly on your average daily balance.

Funds Manager

This is a savings account that pays a higher dividend rate than our Regular Savings Account. A minimum average daily balance of $500.00 is needed to qualify for dividends. Dividends are paid monthly on your average daily balance. Dividends are paid according to four tiered levels. The more you save the more you earn. This account has no withdrawal fees.


TLCU Financial offers a variety of IRAs to fit your needs. To save for the future, start today by opening an IRA, a savings account for Retirement or Educational Purposes. Dividends are compounded and paid monthly. Now there are higher "Catch-Up" limits for those over the age of 50!

Traditional IRA

Earnings accumulated are tax deferred-tax deductions on eligible contributions.

Roth IRA

Contributions allowed at any age-qualified distributions are tax free-flexible withdraws.

Coverdell Education Savings IRA

Save for your child's education.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates range in terms from 12 months to 36 months with a minimum deposit of $1000.00. Share Certificates pay a higher rate of dividend.

Several options are available for dividend posting. Dividends may be added to the certificate, mailed to you monthly, or posted to any account you have with the credit union.

Mature Plus

If you are 55+ with a Regular Savings Account and two additional services, you may enjoy these great benefits:

  • Free copies of drafts
  • Free print outs of accounts
  • $1.00 money orders
  • Free photo copies
  • $1.00 cashier checks
  • Deposits insured by NCUA to $250,000.00

To inquire further about any of our saving account programs, send us an email or contact your local branch.

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