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About TLCU Financial

What is a Credit Union

Credit unions are member owned financial cooperatives. The central principle of cooperatives is member control and participation. In credit unions the members are the owners. They elect a Volunteer Board of Directors at the annual meeting. This Board of Directors consists of up to 9 members and sets strategic planning and policy making for the credit union.

The Board of Directors hires a President to run the daily operations of the credit union. After money for operations and improvements are set aside, income is given back to the membership in higher dividends, lower cost loans, and lower fees/charges than you find at other financial institutions.

To learn more about credit unions visit the Credit Union National Association website.

About TLCU Financial

The credit union membership consists of Select Employee Groups and their family members spanning two small towns of Mishawaka and Bremen Indiana. People who live or work in Marshall County, LaGrange county, Elkhart county and St. Joseph County are also eligible to become a Credit Union member due to our Community Charter. We pride ourselves on our "Small Town Sense of Belonging".

To find out if you can join the credit union see our membership page.

Our Mission Statement

To Be A Full Service Member Owned Financial Institution Offering The Highest Quality Personal Service.

Our Vision

Securing the Financial Future of our Members with Professional Answers and Convenience.

Let us be your financial link to the future.



Our History

TLCU Financial was founded on August 10th, 1953 by the foundry workers of Dodge Manufacturing. The name Taper Lock was decided upon, as it is a bearing the foundry workers and machinists developed. The first by-law change came in 1977 when the credit union voted to allow family members to be eligible to join.

In November of 1982 we took in our first Select Employee Group of the City of Mishawaka. Because of large lay-off in 1985 several of the machinists found employment at Universal Bearings in Bremen Indiana. Those employees approached the credit union about service in that area. After approval from federal authorities the credit union made its move to Bremen Indiana. We serviced this company for one year on weekly trips to Universal Bearings. In 1986 we leased a building which served our needs until we built our first office in 1991. Because of continued growth in Bremen the credit union just completed a major remodeling of this office.

Our Community

The Best Hometown in America

Mishawaka, Indiana, The Princess City was founded in 1833. Named for Princess Mishawaka, the daughter of Shawnee Chief Elkhart. The city hosts a mixture of European immigrants that came to the area in the 1800s spurred by industrial growth. Today the Princess City hosts the second largest retail market in the state of Indiana, known as the Grape Road Commercial Corridor. Edison Lakes Corporate Park hosts several regional and national headquarters. The city has a total of 27 parks, some which border the St Joseph River and provide a variety of activities. Its continuing growth, yet hometown values make the City of Mishawaka the Best Hometown in America. For more information on Mishawaka visit their web site.

Bremen, Indiana lives up to its motto of A Good Town. With a population of over 4,700 Bremen has experienced extraordinary growth in the last 20 years, yet maintains a small town quality. With a 100 member Chamber of Commerce, 50 manufacturers and over 100 retail and commercial shops, Bremen is a good place to work. Add to that a 123 acres of parks and Bremen is a good place to play. Their own local hospital, a police department of 12 full time officers, and 12 reserve officers, and a volunteer fire department of 20 serve the city. TLCU Financial has proudly been a part of Bremen's growth for 15 years. The city will continue into the 21st century with the enthusiasm it has always had toward its quality of life associated with a small town. TLCU Financial is looking forward to growing with them.