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Automated Fraud Alerts

Your Best Defense Against Fraud.

At TLCU Financial, we’re serious about protecting you from fraudulent activity on your accounts. That’s why we’ve strengthened our defenses with a new, automated system that can identify threats faster, notify you sooner and equip you with the tools you need to take immediate action against fraud. Previously, you would have only received a personal call from a live agent if fraud was suspected.
The new system allows you to receive an automated call that easily walks you through reviewing suspicious activity on your card. You may also receive Automated Fraud Alerts text messages on your mobile phone. We will also send a fraud alert via email.

How Our New Automated System Works

Automated Call

  • An automated call with a pre-recorded, interactive message will notify you of potentially suspicious activity on your account.
  • The recording will tell you the last four digits of your account – it will never ask you for your entire account number, and up to five transactions performed on your account.
  • If you do not answer the call at your home number, the system will leave you a message. When you return the call, the system will recognize you when you enter the phone number where you received the message and the last four digits of your card number that was referenced in the message.

Text Fraud Alerts

  • Please be sure to update your contact information so that you will receive text message alerts. SMS alerts are the most immediate way to receive fraud alerts.
  • Log into Online Banking here to update your contact information so that you will be able to receive important fraud alerts about your account.


Members should be aware that, while TLCU Financial does monitor fraudulent or suspicious account activity and may proactively contact a member about this activity, we will never call and ask for confidential information such as your entire account number or PIN.

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